Women’s Casual Wear


Our design group conveys ideas ahead of season, following the most recent catwalk patterns and making an interpretation of them to our available ordinary casualwear. We have our finger on the beat of all the most recent design news, understanding of the market sector, and adjusting your extents to get on key stresses and give your clients a moderate and wearable style.

Our worldwide sourcing and specialized groups are gifted in recognizing the most recent fabric developments, from extraordinary prints motivated by directional catwalk looks to an extensive variety of denim completions and cool washes. Being stringent on the detail and design, we convey the comfortable and casual selections to fulfill your clients' requests.

We scour the supply base to source the precise trims and accomplices to express your brand’s personality. These are composed and created to your individual particularity. We then sample these to your quality norms, guaranteeing a satisfying tasteful and dependable execution in wash and wear.

Characteristically, giving attention in our article of clothing development concentrates on complimenting shapes and a contemporary feel, while a vast portfolio of fabrics, washes, colors and embellishments provides for you the adaptability to react to quick changing shopper’s desires.

Westics nearly oversee our sourcing advancement and assembling system that empowers downright quality control, rate of conveyance, and brand insurance. We can venture in at any phase of the production network, from sourcing the perfect fabric or frill through to conveying far reaching pattern board to shop floor results. The greater part of this might be accomplished at an aggressive value point to suit your business sector on account of our all inclusive capacity to arrange, arrange and convey stylish easy accumulations for your benefit.